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The Cards are premised on the notion that change champions should lead by example, and are therefore:

  1. Are a tool to assess awareness of county structures, processes and avenues for engagement as well as their utilisation by already active citizens;
  2. That should be used to generate discussion among active citizens and community based organisations on the potential and limitations, as well as success and challenges of engaging with public structures at different levels such as villages, wards, and counties;
  3. And ultimately inspire new ways of being and increase the engagement of active citizens, community based and rights groups’ organisation’s participation in public affairs.

Data will be collected through meetings with active citizens. Data collected during the initial meetings will form a baseline.  The same tool will be used to collect data every 6 months to assess progress in active citizenship, and how that translates to responsiveness of the state. The process will therefore assess, form part of ongoing advocacy, and research on issues surrounding active citizenship.  

Information generated from the Active Citizen Report Cards process will be developed into reports and policy briefs.  These will published and circulated online, as hardcopies and in CD formats.  The publications will be shared with active citizens, community based organisations, rights groups and leaders at different levels of government.