Our Vision for Kenya

We are committed to creating a public covenant and leadership around four key promises of the Constitution of Kenya. The four promises are:

Public Participation | Integrity | Equality | Devolution

These promises enshrine the constitutional vision of a democratic, just, equitable and economically prosperous Kenya. We supports active citizenship and responsive governance by building and promoting balanced, respectful and enriching relationships between the public, civil society and government.

We create and support spaces for citizens and their leaders to interact in a positive and forward looking way so as to solve shared challanges within shared communities.

What is it that makes us do what we do?

Our government has found itself facing challenges in spelling out the exact functions and responsibilities of devolved governments and ensuring that newly created county governments are able to function and deliver. This situation is made worse by lack of genuine expectation in political leaders to effectively govern and provide efficient public service to all Kenyans regardless of their gender, geographical location, ethnicity, political orientation or class. Prolonged lack of leader – citizen consultations has created a dissatisfied society given the recent public outcry over raised county fees. Beyond this, relationship between the government and the civil society has been on shaky grounds. Recent government attempts to muzzle the PBO sector and the successful passing of the controversial Media Act 2013 clearly illustrates the antagonistic relationship between the government and the civil society.  It’s on this backdrop that we seek to use dialogues as a means of finding a way to entrench mental models that will facilitate a transition from the divisive habits of the past and build a more coherent and unified nation.

What we do

We work with individuals, groups and organizations committed and already taking action to protect the constitution, encourage public participation, promote equality and ensure leadership integrity. By supporting active citizenship and open governance, we are dedicated to promoting balanced, respectful and enriching relationships between the public, civil society and government.

How we do it

Through working with strategic organizations, mass citizens associations, change champions and arms of the government, we seek to move hearts, minds, actions and policies to advance and realize the four promises of the constitution.

We provide access to information, thus empowering the nation, and create safe spaces for dialogue where different groups can interact, engage and exchange ideas with the view to positively transform our nation.

We connect committed and like-minded communities, individuals and groups to help realize the four promises of the constitution.

Our vision

Our vision flows from the powerful clarity within our constitution that all Kenyans are born equal. All Kenyans have a right and responsibility to participate actively in county and national affairs, and to hold themselves and their leaders accountable to high standards of integrity.

We further hold that within every Kenyan, rich or poor, male or female, young or older and regardless of ethnicity or any other form of social identity, there exists the intelligence and capacity to turn our beliefs and aspirations into public support for fundamental change.