University Dialogues Series

Our University Dialogue Series (UDS) aims at expanding the reach of our honest, structured and meaningful dialogues to institutions of higher learning. The objectives of the University Dialogue Series are to:

  1. Popularize active citizenship as a key constitutional value and strengthen opportunities for responsible civic culture among students
  2. Stimulate critical reflection on the four promises of the constitution and students role in their realization
  3. Provide students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful debates meant to strengthen a greater sense of civic duty and awareness
  4. Provide an avenue through which students can participate and contribute to ongoing national debates on critical thematic issues of the constitution.


Designed to maximize participation and dialogue to the greatest extent possible, the SID University Dialogue Series are structured around a moderator and 3 discussants who combine expert knowledge, civic competencies and student experiences to inspire active citizenship, reflect on and share strategies for a more meaningful and robust involvement of students critical national debates.

Discussion topic

The University Dialogue Series is designed to be a space for open, inclusive, honest and respectful conversations anchored more on optimism than backward-looking cynicism.