Towards the 8TH Pan African Congress Preparatory Dialogue

Saturday 28th February 2015

Jubilee hall, All Africa Conference Of Churches, Nairobi, Kenya

Background: Between March 4-7, 2015 the 8th Pan African Congress will take place in Accra, Ghana. The International Preparatory Committee has requested different participating countries to organize regional pre-congress events to coordinate the participation of the organizations and individuals and to provide a platform for ordinary citizens within their respective countries a chance to participate in this great event at their local levels. Since October, the preparatory committee has held four public events and over ten planning meetings to prepare Kenyans for this historic event. The Kenyan pre-congress is an important step towards the participation of Africans based in Kenya to prepare for the Accra 8th Pan African Congress.


Specific Objectives: There are four objectives of the Kenyan pre-Congress. They are to;

1.     Involve up to 200 African citizens based in Kenya in generating resolutions;

2.     Generate resolutions to be presented at the 8th Pan-African Congress to be held in Accra, Ghana;

3.     Provide an opportunity for discussion, resolution and advocacy towards achieving the dream, prospects and goals of Pan-Africanism;

4.     Nurture and create a community of committed and dedicated Pan-Africanists to catalyse a new era of African Nationalism.










Opening panel: Placing the 8th Pan-African Congress in context

Performance by Daniel Onyango, Mcee Monaja, Grandmaster Masese plus other poets and musicians

Hon Yusuf Hassan | PLO Lumumba | Wanjiru Ndungu









The 5 dialogues

Each dialogue is designed as a no paper dialogue supported by

resource-person & facilitated towards recommendations to take to Accra



Dialogue 1: Transforming, integrating and governing the African economy

R Gladwell Otieno

F Janah Ncube


Dialogue 2: Migration patterns, free movement of people and African citizenship


R Adam H. Adam

F Nduko Matigere

Dialogue 3: Human Rights, Human Security, Democracy and Governance

R Gitobu Imanyara

F Nivi Mukherjee

Dialogue 4: The role of African Intellectuals and think tanks as catalysts

R Godwin Murunga

F Orwa Mike

Dialogue 5: Science, Innovation and Technology

R Philip Thigo



Lunch will be available at personal cost from different outlets




Reaching agreement on the Resolutions to the 8th PAC

Presentations from dialogues

Plenary discussion

Summary for the resolutions

Irungu Houghton





Closing Panel

Presenting of Kenyan delegation to the 8th PAC in Ghana

Key speech by H.E. Kingsley Karimu, High Commissioner of Ghana


Day event will be concluded with music and poetic performances and close



Key Topics: We will discuss five broad topics;

•     Transforming, integrating and governing the African economy (including natural resources)

•     Migration patterns, free movement of people and the African citizenship

•     Human Rights, Democracy and Governance

•     The role of Intellectuals and think tanks as social & political catalysts

•     Science, innovation and Technology


Participation: The Kenyan Congress shall invite media organisations, CSOs, women’s, youth and group interest based organisations, private sector organisations, faith based organisations, political parties, National and County Government officers, farmers, workers, leaders of minority and marginalized groups among others


Format: The Kenyan Congress shall consist of a General plenary, break out group sessions and an evening of music and poetry. The General plenary shall include all members participating in the Kenyan Congress and with the facilitation of a moderator pass resolutions by way of consensus or a majority vote. There shall also be a rapportuer responsible for documenting the sessions and using the appropriate means to publish and publicize the proceedings and resolutions, including by way of newsletters and online publications.


The Thematic councils/ commissions shall mobilize and organize the participation of different groups from different fields of engagements/ interests as articulated in the Concept Paper in the Call for the 8th Pan-African Congress by the International Preparatory Committee.


The Breakout sessions shall be composed of participants drawn from the General Congress and will be organized into groups that shall discuss, critique and recommend proposals and actions within the proposed topics as set out by the International Preparatory Committee of the 8th PAC in Accra, Ghana. These proposals shall be presented to the General Congress for resolution and adoption as the Kenyan Resolutions to the 8th PAC scheduled for Accra, Ghana.


Language: The Pre 8th PAC Kenyan Congress shall be conducted in English and Swahili.