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Exploring Kenya's Inequality: KaKamega County

Kakamega County has a child population, where 0-14 year olds constitute 47% of the total population. This is due to the high fertility rates among women as shown by the highest percentage household size of 4-6 members at 43%.   


The Status of Governance in Kenya: A Baseline Survey Report 2012

This report presents the major findings of the national baseline survey on the status of governance in Kenya that was undertaken between April and May 2012. 5,035 respondents from 46 counties responded to the main issues affecting citizen’s awareness, knowledge and practices relating to their civic and constitutional rights and their participation in the democratic process. The report is important in providing a baseline in its ability to capture in-depth information on the general state of knowledge, attitudes and practices of citizenry on issues regarding leadership, integrity and national reconciliation in addition to a situation analysis on the public mood regarding leadership, accountability and perspectives on the devolution process.   



In Depth Studies From The National Baseline Survey on Status of Governance in Kenya 2012: An Addendum

Further to this report, two more in-depth studies have been carried out. These two studies were based on the findings in the baseline report on the Status of Governance in Kenya report of 2012. The study on Citizenship, Identities and Belonging provides an analysis of the disputes that have arisen in Kenya in the wake of the reintroduction of multiparty system. The report on the Status of Kenyan’s Access to Justice, Justiciable rights and Public Participation in Kenya’s Judicial System details findings that support the adoption of a broader concept of access to justice by both state and non-state actors. Major institutional prerequisites to this shift include a robust legislative and policy framework on access to justice, institutional human resource and infrastructural enhancement and knowledge and awareness creation..