#ShuleYangu Campaign

About ShuleYangu Campaign

The ShuleYangu campaign brings together stakeholders from the Government and the Public and Private sector to accelerate the protection of public school land in all the 47 counties. The Campaign seeks to inspire active citizenship and build broad-based alliances with policy makers, leaders and citizens in securing public school land. It further seeks to accelerate the recent Presidential and National Lands Commission (NLC) directive that all public schools should have title deeds.

The goal of the campaign is to have more than 10,000 public schools issued with title deeds and 5,000 schools fenced across the 47 counties.

The protection of public school land is based on fundamental principles and rights within the constitution of Kenya including the right of children to free and compulsory education - article 53 (b).  Further, the constitution underpins the protection of all public land including public school land, stating in article 62 (4) that, “Public land shall not be disposed of or otherwise used except in terms of an Act of parliament specifying the nature and terms of that disposal or use.”

Progress of the Campaign so far:

  1. By May 2015 total of 5,000 schools have since applied for title deeds
  2. 350 schools having reported to the National Lands Commission on land grabbing/encroachment.
  3. National Guidelines on the application process of title deeds by schools has been developed and launched.

The Campaign is built on an alliance of partners spearheaded by 9 Key Convenors: The National Lands Commission, Elimu Yetu Coalition (EYC), Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children Rights (KAACR), Amnesty International, Girl Child Network (GCN), Society for International Development (SID), EACHRights, ANCEFA and Pawa Initiative.


To join the campaign or report an instance of landgrabbing contact us;

#ShuleYangu Campaign Centre | Email: report@shuleyangu.co.ke | Mobile: +254705087070