Scholarship in Action: Symposium on the power of evidence based change

On the 50th Anniversary of the Institute of Development Studies,

Lecture Hall ED-213, University of Nairobi

Tuesday 17th November 2015, 2-5pm


This month, the Institue for Development Studies celebrates 50 years of its existence. With the Society for International Development, the Institute plans to hold a symposium to explore the historical and future relationship of the Institution and public benefits organisations in building accountable Governments and active citizens on Tuesday 17th November 2015. 

The afternoon symposium will bring together more than fifteen public policy experts, researchers and public interest advocates to;

  1. Reflect on iconic public research work that has helped inform the evolution of Kenya's democratic and development path;
  2. Discuss current and missing policy research narratives that could deepen Kenya's transformation;
  3. Hold an inter-generational dialogue on the future of scholarship, social action and change. 

Event Programme