Quarterly Mijadala

  1. Only 5.7% of Kenyans have participated in citizen consultation forums at the county level in past one year.
  2. Only 17% of Kenyans are aware of how much funds have been allocated to their counties.
  3. 68% of Kenyans have major concerns regarding the way local governments are run. However, 72% of them believe that as individuals they can only do little or nothing to influence Government, while 28% believe that they can influence Government up to a certain extent.

KDP exists to bring an end to this sad reality by creating safe spaces for meaningful national dialogues. This vision is enshrined in our belief that all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya, as enshrined in Article 1 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya, and shall only be exercised in accordance with the constitution. We further believe that the people of Kenya have the right to exercise their sovereign power either directly or indirectly through democratically elected leaders.

Through providing access to information and creating both virtual and physical dialogues spaces, we aim to inspire sustained active citizenship by identifying, creating and supporting vibrant spaces for individuals, groups and communities to openly express their views, generate ideas and meaningfully engage leaders at all levels of civic life in ways that best promotes and protects the spirit of the constitution. We host and facilitate national dialogues through our Mijadala Dialogues, classified in our four approaches. 

Structured around a moderator and discussants, Mijadala series sessions are public forums held on the first Thursday of every third month. These forums bring together representatives from the citizen community, national government, Council of Governors and the society to engage participants in collectively answering critical questions affecting the country at a given time.