National Taxpayers Association (NTA)

Nyeri County At the county level NTA's programmatic priorities over the next two years include Building citizen demand for strengthened government service delivery and performance, whose primary strategic objective is to empower citizens & established networks to demand accountability in service delivery, and Tax justice.

Since 2015, NTA has been working in 8 health centres with Health Facility Management Committees (HFMC) and the community to enhance informed public participation through Community Scores Cards. The HFMC committee comprises of local community representatives, Sub County administration and the facility management and its mandated with the overall management of the facility.

In Nyeri county NTA is working with two facilities, Kiamabara Model Health Centre in Mathira constituency and Mweru Health centre in Mukuruweini constituency. NTA started by building the capacities of HFMCs by facilitating training for them so that they can better carry out their role of managing the facility and linking the community and the facility. NTA facilitated monthly meetings at the respective facilities where they would identify challenges facing the respective facilities and support the facility managers in solving the problems. The committee members wrote letters on several occasions to the department of health and requested NTA to write accompanying letters and to follow up for the purpose of feedback. Additionally NTA also linked the HFMCs with the county health management team by organising meeting specifically to discuss the issues identified by the committees.

Because of these interventions, several challenges that were identified were addressed. For example, Kiamabara Model Health Centre now has an additional member of staff because they were severely understaffed, and now have tap water where they previously relied on harvested water. In Mweru, unlike before, the facility is now gazetted after NTAs intervention; the road leading to the facility, which was inaccessible during the rainy season, is now murramed and the county Government is in the process of operationalising maternity service in the facility.