National Integrity Conference

The State of Integrity in Kenya: Translating Commitments into Results

26-27 May 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

Venue: AACC Desmond Tutu Conference Centre


The year 2015 unleashed significant challenges and opportunities in the protection and promotion of the constitutional promise of Integrity by citizens, leaders and the private sector. Over the last year, hundreds of citizens, students, unionists, public servants and elected leaders risked their lives to repeatedly take repeated action to reclaim grabbed public lands or to blow the whistle on grand and petty corruption nationally.

In March, President Kenyatta inspired the nation with the List of Shame that included high-ranking public officials adversely mentioned in grand corruption. In November, the President issued a National Call to Action Against Corruption and targeted procurement as the channel for the theft of public monies. Alongside the President, the Chief Justice, faith-based, private and non-profit leaders, diplomats and even high-level visitors such as Pope Francis and President Barack Obama spoke repeatedly about the cancer of corruption.

The public pressure for decisive action found partial relief in the amendment of several laws, the dismissal, arrest and prosecution of 350 public officials, a reconstituted Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, new business Code of Ethics. Yet in May 2016, the continuing failure to conduct effective investigations and secure convictions especially in high profile cases point to continuing paralysis within the National and County Governments. New revelations of public theft in 2016 on a grand scale indicate that corruption is once again set to headline 2016.

This conference is designed to track progress against the 2015 Presidential executive directives, spotlight the progress and challenges of reforming public procurement and create new strategies and relationships required to reclaim the republic from the cartels of impunity and corruption.

It is a basic assumption of the conference that champions for integrity exist in both the state and non-state spaces. On one hand, active citizenship is key to disrupting corruption and demanding greater accountability by both leaders and citizens. On the other, open, accountable and responsive governance is critical for an effective and responsive state.


Eighty Public Officials, Private Sector, Faith-Based and Public Interest leaders, anti-corruption experts and integrity champions will be invited to attend this two-day conference. They will be drawn from The Office of President, State Departments of Finance and Health, Council of Governors, Health County Executives, Donor Health Working Group, Public Procurement Oversight Authority, Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, Kenya Medical Supplies Authority, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union, selected Devolution Forum Members, The Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Strathmore University law students, Kenya Pharmaceutical Association, The National Empowerment Network of People living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya, other patient based associations and health NGOs, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General and the general public

The National Integrity Conference