National Integrity Alliance

The National Integrity Alliance is a broad association of agencies to assert the national value of integrity and an end to corruption at all levels of society.

The alliance hopes to strengthen a knowledge base of public dialogue on integrity. This will be achieved through:

*    Production of at least two summarized and popularized versions of the Auditor General and Controller of budget reports to be disseminated to the public;

*    Production of a briefing paper on the state of integrity related self-regulation standards, norms and practices in 2-3 key constituencies and sectors;[1]

*    Clarify and professionally communicate publicly key public messages and a call to action;

*   Develop an ICT platform that captures naming and shaming of corrupt individuals, complex budget statistics, cost of corruption impact and inforgraphics.

The alliance will hold regular public briefings and alerts for interested organisations and the public on the progress of the prosecution of the 175 corruption cases[2] and others where necessary. The campaign will also ensure there is effective PBO representation in the Integrity Action Taskforce convened by the Attorney General. The campaign will also convene interested agencies and make recommendations to the Integrity Action Taskforce on legal, procedural and institutional actions required deepening the fight against corruption. Lastly, the campaign will mobilise the public to push for successful prosecution of corrupt individuals.

The campaign will utilize existing online spaces to popularize citizen support to take action on corruption and it is anticipated it will directly reach 100,000 Kenyans to take action against corruption at all levels.


[1] Business, not for profit, religious organisations etc

[2] In President Uhuru Kenyatta’s corruption list of shame