Management of Arid Zones Initiatives and Development Options (MAZIDO)

Taita Taveta County MAZIDO International continues to advocate for progressive increase in budgetary allocation to agriculture, livestock, water and environment sectors at the county.

MAZIDO has continuously pushed for progressive increase of budgetary allocation to the Agricultural, Livestock, Water and Environment sector in Taita Taveta County. To achieve this MAZIDO is working with 180 community change champions in 6 Wards in the County.[1] 6 Ward dialogue forums have been held in the Wards, attended by a number of Government representatives from different County Government levels. As a result, five members of the County Core Group have been elected and three key advocacy issues prioritized at each of the 6 Wards.  

MAZIDO also convened the Executive Committee of Taita Taveta County PBO/CSO Federation and held a meeting with the County Public Service Board with regard to the establishment of a County Policing Authority. The Federation was tasked to shortlist potential candidates from its affiliate organisations from all the Sub-Counties and shortlist to the CPSB.

Sauti ya Mkulima, a County Dialogue Forum was launched by MAZIDO. The four point action plan for the platform include:

  1. Print and circulate CIDP and budget estimates for FY 2015/16
  2. Mobilise increased public participation in county budget forums
  3. Meet with MCAs
  4. Meet with County Assembly Committees, CECs, Governor and MPs.

All the above actions have contributed to an increase in farmer’s participation in the county budgeting process. This has resulted in agriculture extension services receiving an increased budgetary allocation of KES. 41,195,590 in FY 2015/16 from 8,730,800 in FY 2014/15. Mwakiki Seed farm was revived following efforts initiated by the Sauti ya Mkulima Platform. Lobbying by the Sauti ya Mkulima Platform also saw DTC seeds included in the FY 2015/16 budget.


[1] Mbololo, Ngolia, Ronhe’, Kasighau, Mwatate and Werugha.