Magazetini Today – Wednesday 7 January 2015

In the papers today: Angry reactions greet move to give Uhuru powers to appoint Chief Justice, court bars eight more over stolen NYS millions, Nation editor suspended over editorial, State house says Raila is a principal of sabotage and top Kenya Ferry Services managers sent home after Uhuru's surprise visit. 

Angry Reactions greet move to give Uhuru powers to appoint CJ

Lawyers and constitutional scholars have warned that Kenya risks losing constitutional and democratic gains endorsed in the 2010 referendum if the Executive and Legislature are not stopped from passing laws that breach the supreme law and cripple independent arms of government.

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Court bars eight more over stolen NYS millions

The Assets Recovery Agency (ASA) claimed the property valued at Sh39 million was acquired using NYS money. High Court Judge Mbogholi Msagha issued the orders targeting Samuel Wachenje alias Samuel Mwadime, his wife Susan Mkiwa Mdanyi, Vandamme John, and the alleged mastermind behind the saga, Ben Gethi’s kin Anthony Kihara Gethi and Charity Wangui Gethi.

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‘Nation’ editor suspended over editorial

A 'Nation' editor has been suspended over an editorial that was deemed critical to President Uhuru Kenyatta and which management said was published without following editorial procedure. Communication to staff said Denis Galava, the Managing Editor for Special Projects, had been asked "to take some time off to allow us time to review the circumstances of the writing and filing of the editorial for Saturday Nation, January 2, 2016."

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State House says Raila is a principal of sabotage

In an unprecedented outbreak of political exchanges, State House appears to have compiled a dossier on the record of Cord leaders who served in the last administration and claims: “The entire Cord leadership is hobbled by corruption of the past and kleptomaniac fantasies. They are projecting their venal proclivities and penchant for abuse of office on the Jubilee leadership."

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Top Kenya Ferry Services managers sent home after President Kenyatta’s surprise visit

Sources at KFS said the Managing Director, Mr Musa Hassan Musa, Chief Engineer George Nyadero and Operations Manager Anthony Muzungu were sent home after a day-long meeting chaired by Transport PS John Musonik. Mr Musa was sent on terminal leave and will be succeeded in an acting capacity by Mr Bakari Gowa, who was the finance manager until Wednesday. Mr Nyadero and Mr Muzungu were sent on early retirement.

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40 Patients to benefit from subsidized heart surgeries

Nearly 40 patients will benefit from subsidised heart surgery, courtesy of the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and a team of doctors from Germany. The visiting team alongside doctors from KNH will offer pacemaker surgeries to treat patients who suffer from heart block, a condition that affects the heart’s electrical system that controls the rate and rhythm of heartbeats, at lower costs.

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State fronts Marende and Nyachae for Chief Justice

Jubilee is weighing the options between former Speaker Kenneth Marende and former CIC chairman Charles Nyachae to succeed Chief Justice Willy Mutunga when he retires in June. There have been heightened interest and intense lobbying for the position of CJ in the lead-up to his exit. The ruling Jubilee coalition has already drawn the battle lines, with MPs having passed constitutional amendments that gave President Uhuru Kenyatta sweeping powers to determine Mutunga’s successor. And also in an apparent move to sway the JSC’s decision on Mutunga’s heir, Uhuru last year appointed Jubilee strategists Winnie Guchu and Kipng’etich Korir to the JSC.

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Bensouda says ASP deal is irrelevant

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has rubbished the Assembly of States Parties statement on recanted testimony in the case against Deputy President William Ruto as “irrelevant”. The details emerged as The Hague judges rescheduled oral hearing on the no-case-to-answer motion from two days to four days – starting Tuesday next week. In a new filing to the five-judge bench, Bensouda said the attempts to have the ASP statement on the appeals records should be rejected.

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Court declines to suspend JSC Act change

The High Court yesterday declined to suspend a constitutional amendment giving the President powers to choose the Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice. The Law Society of Kenya has sued to challenge the new law. Judge George Odunga said: “I am not satisfied to grant orders of stay as there is no likelihood any action will be taken in the next seven days.” He certified the matter urgent and directed it be heard on January 13.

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