Citizen Report Cards

Jubilee Administration's Anti-Corruption Report Card 2013-2016

In March 2013, the Jubilee Coalition was elected into office. On its anti-corruption agenda, the Coalition's manifesto promised to "clean up government by introducing some of the toughest anti-corruption legislation in the world." The Jubilee leadership vowed to demonstrate zero tolerance for corruption and abuse for personal gain in addition to a commitment to eliminate parliamentary immunity from corruption charges. Four years later in December 2016, Kenya seems to roll from one mega-scandal to another at both national and county levels. Investigative journalists and vigilant citizens on social media regularly and publicly expose the cartels of tenderpreneurs and their partners within the State. Yet, poor coordination, perennial scapegoating and a cycle of buck passing by key anti-corruption agencies has ensured a limited progress in recovery of stolen assets and even fewer convictions for those who have stolen or abetted the theft and misuse of public resources. The absence of results especially in the prosecution of grand corruption cases has fuelled the ascendancy of corruption.  


Voices from the Counties: Lessons from the 2015 Citizen Report Card

Participation in public forums has increased significantly. 41% of Kenyans attended public forums in 2015 compared to 5.7% between June 2012 and June 2013. Men are more likely to attend public forums than women. Taita Taveta had the highest level of participation at 72% and the lowest was in Nairobi at 29%. More Kenyans prefer to express their public policy preferences through social media (22%) than attend public consultative forums (18%). 35% of Kenyans prefer to visit the concerned office to discuss their concerns. 47% cite bad timing, length, distance or miscommunication of meeting venues, inconvienent dates and time as the major constraints to participation in public forums. 20% and 14% respectively cite the consistent non-attendance of leaders and lack of confidence that officials will follow up.