Business Unusual as Global International Anti-Corruption Day is marked

Last year’s celebrations to mark the global International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9th were remarkedly different from last events. In continuing the tradition of being at the forefront in driving the integrity agenda (#UadilifuFridays), SID joined other partners under the banner of the International Integrity Alliance (NIA) to put together a series of week-long activities, culminating with a People’s Summit on 9th

The week started with the formal launch of the IAC week at County Grounds, at a function which was attended by members of the public and leaders from government and religious agencies, including Retired ACK Bishop Wabukhala, who is now the Chair of EACC and Retired Rev. Timothy Njoya.  Speakers at Between the 3rd and 8th of December, the NIA partners hosted the public and representatives of the Media, Religious Organisations, Professional Associations and Academia to various forums to discuss the how the fight against corruption can be won.

From the deliberations in the various meetings and online discussions at #DefeatCorruptionKE, it was evident that corruption has become a menace in the country and needs to be dealt with decisively. A publication #100WaysHowtheCorruptDefeatJustice was also launched. For a copy, click HERE