Company and business registration

  1. Register companies, businesses in the name of dead relatives and subordinates including servants and drivers.
  2. Register multiple companies under control of the same individual.
  3. Tax evasion to prevent effective asset tracking and recovery. 

Media, Ethnicity and politics

  1. Transform theft into fame with celebrity status, media rounds and front page coverage.
  2. Hire Public Relations firms to create favourable public image. 
  3. Media pressure and scrutiny to derail investigations. 
  4. Bait the media, distract citizens by intentionally leaking new scandals to the media. 
  5. Create sideshows to mask actual facts of the scandal: reporting ‘corruption gossip’ instead of ‘corruption investigations’.
  6. Political Bonga-points: invoke ethnic persecution to gain political sympathies. 
  7. Corruption philanthropy: buy popular support through numerous charitable activities and harambees. 
  8. Use family and close associates to put pressure on individual officers to stop, scuttle investigations. 
  9. Use state bureaucracy to prevent release of documents necessary for investigations. 
  10. Destroy evidence through arson, theft or related accidents. 
  11. Declare intention to, or run for elections to secure political protection, immunity. 
  12. Cast doubts on the authenticity, veracity and authority of reports, their authors and institutions.
  13. Unending investigations in mega corruption punctuated with tokenistic, speedy prosecution of petty cases. 

Investigations, Prosecution and the Trial

  1. Parallel and sometimes competing and contradictory investigations by multiple independent agencies. 
  2. Vague recommendations from investigations by parliamentary committees. 
  3. Bribe investigators to compromise quality and influence outcomes. 
  4. Investigators pursue narrow, minimalist approach to investigations. 
  5. The dreaded calls by corruption suspects and their networks to threaten investigators.
  6. Redeployment of diligent investigators who cannot be compromised. 
  7. Send diligent investigators on ‘urgent’ but temporary assignments country to derail investigation.
  8. Deploy inexperienced investigators on complex grand-corruption cases.
  9. The Damascus Effect: Transform key suspects into star prosecution witnesses.
  10. Yield to technically incompetent parliamentary committee hearings and inquiries.
  11. File multiple, successive applications and injunctions to complicate the matter, challenge investigations and prosecution and hence delay the trial process.
  12. Legal heavy-hitters: hire the best and most renown and expensive lawyers.
  13. Intimidate magistrates and judges by turning courtroom into political rally.
  14. Intimidate, kill, disappear, bribe witnesses, investigators.
  15. Witness disappearances at investigation and/or trial stage.
  16. Witnesses recanting their testimonies at investigation and/or trial stage.
  17. Hostile witnesses giving testimony that strengthens the defence case trial stage.
  18. ‘Timely’ transfers and/or promotion of presiding Magistrates and Judges to delay, derail prosecution.
  19. Proven delaying tactics to stall the prosecution process e.g. missing statements.
  20. Five-Star Hospital: Stall investigations and prosecution process through ‘illness’ of witnesses, accused person or advocate.

Conviction and jail term

  1. The Laundromat strategy: acquittal as endorsement of innocence and seal of integrity.
  2. Lenient jail terms with generous fine options
  3. President exercises the power of mercy and forgives convicted thieves.

This is a working document. Please share additional ways the corrupt defeat justice in the comments section below and we shall publish them in the next version of this document. Contact our office if you would like to recieve a hard copy to give a judge or lawyer.