Writers Corner

  • Open Letter on Securing

    Firstly, accept our gratitude for the swift actions taken so far to survey and secure Nairobi County public school land after the direct public action on Monday 19th January 2015 to reclaim the Langata Road Primary School in Mugumoini Ward, Langata Constituency in Nairobi County.

  • Don’t Sacrifice Our Rights on the Alter of Fear

    We write this open letter to you ahead of one of the most important votes in this country’s history since the promulgation of Kenya Constitution of 2010. We would have preferred to discuss directly the weighty matter of the Security Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014 but eight days does not allow for meaningful public consultation.
  • PBOs to Accelerate Cooperation with 47 County Governments & Assemblies for National Development and Good Governance

    Nairobi, December 11th, 2014 – 100 Public Benefits Organisations (PBOs) from 42 Counties met in Nairobi between 10-11 December to reflect on the changing national and county legal and policy environment.
  • Why we think the buck stops with Mr. President

    The president has finally broken his silence on the Madera attack, lashing out on Kenyans to stop blaming his government alone for rising insecurity and instead play their role in securing the country.  A moment of silence to reflect on the Presidents words……………………… Mm….

  • ODM removes four MPS from parliamentary committees

    The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has removed four of its MPs considered to be rebellious from committees in the National Assembly. The MPs are Ken Obura (Kisumu Central), Samuel Arama (Nakuru Town West), Dalmas Otieno (Rongo) and Zainab Chidzunga (Kwale County Women Representatives). This is yet another move by ODM aimed at enforcing discipline within the party.

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  • Formation of PBO Taskforce, Major Breakthrough

    Nairobi, November 7, 2014 – The Kenya Dialogues Project at the Society for International Development  welcomes the establishment of an eleven person taskforce to consult stakeholders on amendments to the Public Benefits Act 2013. Yesterday’s, 7th November 2014, announcement by Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning has averted a major crisis in State-CSO relations. The taskforce should embark immediately on broad and deep consultations on ways of strengthening and implementing the PBO Act. 
  • Our commitment to greater public input in county governance

    Nairobi, Westlands, October 15, 2014 – 11 organisations today, 15th October 2014 announced a joint Kshs.100 million Active Citizenship Programme in ten counties namely Bungoma, Garissa, Kajiado, Kisumu, Machakos, Nairobi, Nakuru, Nyeri, Taita Taveta

  • Snapshot of the cost of living over the month of September

    If latest statistics from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) are anything to go by, September was relatively a tough month for Kenyans as compared to August 2014 as the price of consumer goods and services rose. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of price changes in consumer goods and services, increased by 0.15% to stand at 152.24 in September, from 152.02 in August 2014.

  • Is your county government spending more on MCAs than on Malaria Patients?

    In 2013, 47 County Governments allocated an aggregate of Kshs.3.2 billion to pay sitting allowances to County Representatives, officially known as Members of County Assembly (MCAs). County Governments actually spent Kshs.2.4 billion, 74.6% of the budgetary allocation on MCAs sitting allowances.