Writers Corner

  • Organisations welcome Ombudsman Report on Lang’ata Road Primary, but fault victimisation of rights defenders warning of chilling

    Seven organizations have today responded to the Commission on Administrative Justice (Ombudsman) Report on the violent dispersal of a peaceful protest by the Kenya Police Service on 19 January 2015[1] at Lang’ata Road Primary School.

  • Government going in circles over PBOs

    The establishment of a Taskforce to review the Public Benefits Organisations Act (2013) by Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru in November 2014 broke what was becoming a predictable tradition of “NGO legislation by ambush”. It was hoped that consensus could be built on any necessary changes. It was also hoped that the Act, already dormant for two years, would finally be commenced. Seven months from the establishment of the Taskforce, it is difficult to see whether Kenyan taxpayers have got value for money.

  • Breaking Away from a Legacy of Hate: Addressing Hate Speech in Kenya

    If there is one thing history has taught us is that hate speech comes with a great cost to pay. From the 1992 ethnic clashes that resulted in 5,000 deaths and 75,000 displacements to the 1997 ethnically motivated tensions between the Luo, Kikuyu and Kalenjin and, the 2007-2008 post election violence where at least 1500 people were killed and between 180,000 and 600,000 people were displaced.

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  • Integrity Series I: Integrity will improve the quality of care to cancer patients

    Mr. David Ndungu Wanjohi, a 38-year-old concerned Kenyan, chained himself to a tree at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and is on hunger strike to create awareness on and protest the shortage of radiotherapy machines in the country. KNH, the largest public referral hospital in the country, currently has two overworked radiotherapy machines. More than 1000 patients are scheduled to undergo radiotherapy treatment stretching from now to 2016. The unfortunate reality is some of these patients will not make it to their radiotherapy appointment date.

  • Protecting the Freedom of Association

    A groundbreaking decision by the High Court of Kenya allowing members of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights group to formally register their organization has been received with mixed reactions from citizens, politicians and the faith community. During his speech at a Nairobi Church, the Deputy President William Ruto,  said there is no place for homosexuality in Kenya.

  • The Real Issues Over Changes to PBO Act

    Dr. Alex Awiti’s February 24th article “Has Civil Society outlived its Use” made an important call for Public Benefits Organisations to reinvent themselves. Two years ago, the passing of the Public Benefits Organisations Act of 2013 by the National Assembly and its assent by H.E. Mwai Kibaki attempted to do just that.

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  • Owner of Likoni land denied he’ll give up title deed

    A landowner said to have agreed to sell his land near the Likoni channel to the government has disowned the deal. Mr. Evanson Kamau Waitiki, said to have agreed on the sale of his land to settle squatters, expressed shock at the promise made by the Lands, Housing and Urban Planning Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu and National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri that the land would be given to squatters.

  • Broadcasters cite coercion to give signals