Building Community Competency in Security and Public Safety

Suffocated by tokenistic participation strategies, disrespect for the law, rapidly intensifying conflictual relationships between and among elected Representatives, National and County Governments and perceived shrinking of civil liberties, the progress towards the achievement of the promises are far from the reality envisaged by the constitution. The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr’s phrase “This hour in history needs a dedicated circle of transformed non-conformists” could as just ap

1. How do we create security and public safety competencies at community level?
2.What policing and public security options and strategies exist at national and county levels?
3.What opportunities could we harness for creating safer public/shared neighbourhoods?
4.How can we develop security interventions that unite communities against terrorism and violence?
5.What lessons can Kenya learn from other societies with regard to citizens role in security and public safety?
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